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Replacing Toner Cartridges

Replacing toner is not a complicated operation.
You can do it yourself without contacting the IT service!


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Identifying the problem

To recognize signs of toner wear and tear on the printer, follow the steps below:
  • If your printed documents begin to fade
  • If documents have gray halos
  • If you see a message warning you that the toner level is low.
  • If texts are almost invisible on the page
    Toner and drum.
Toner and drum
It is good to know that these two components are very distinct and have different functions. The toner is composed of a very fine powder mixed with a pigment (the ink), the drum is a photosensitive unit that actually transfers the toner to the paper. Both are necessary for the proper functioning of the printer, but they do not necessarily have to be replaced at the same time. Caution, since the toner powder contains resin, iron and may have other metal residues, it is important that it does not come into contact with the skin to avoid allergies or other skin reactions.

The necessary steps

Each printer has its own specific characteristics and the components have different positions. Therefore, you should always consult the manufacturer's manual. But if, as often happens, the instruction manual is finished who knows where, here are some basic rules.

To change the printer toner, it almost always needs to be turned on. This will allow the machine to communicate with the computer and the various components to self-position correctly and you can easily access the cartridge. After that, you will have to open the cover that protects the printing unit and remove the toner and the drum. Clean the compartment that will hold the new toner, so your prints will look even better. Caution, use only a dry cloth, without any detergent.
Unpack the new cartridge only when you are about to put it in the printer, in order to avoid unnecessary (and harmful) dispersion in the environment. When you touch the toner, be careful not to touch the microchip: it is used to send information to the computer, such as the residual level. Gently shake the toner horizontally so that the dust is evenly distributed inside the toner and place it in the printer. Close the cover and the operation is finished.
Cleaning the laser printer toner
The cleaning of the toner compartment is one of the most delicate and important operations: on the one hand it must be cleaned correctly and frequently, to prevent dust deposits from damaging the device, on the other hand no detergents or potentially corrosive substances should be used, which would risk damaging your laser printer anyway, thus preventing it from working properly. We suggest, therefore, to simply use a dry and clean cloth, without adding any kind of detergent. At most, you can use the Liquid Spray + Cloth kits normally used for LCD monitors, whose liquid is composed of non-aggressive solvents on plastic materials and which can also be used to remove fingerprints and dust from the body, together with spray cans of compressed air that can help in the removal of toner residue and dust accumulated on the drum (where present) and in the toner compartment. Finally, a vacuum cleaner can be very useful (with caution) if it is equipped with special accessories for small spaces.
Quale toner scegliere per la stampante laser? Originale o compatibile?
Another critical point when running out of toner is the choice of the new toner to buy. Is it best to go with the originals only, or can compatibility be evaluated as well? Are there any risks? Surely the best choice is the original consumable: compatibility is 100% guaranteed and there is no risk of taking home a problematic cartridge.